List box or combo box help

Hello Everyone. A semi-intermediate Flash MX user here. I’m trying to catch up with you guys out there that are just bad ass in Flash. By the way, much respect to you guys for hooking everyone up with info on Flash. Hoping you can help me as well.

I’m confused of how to assign an external url to a specific list box or combo box to each specific label. I checked out a few postings on here about it, but they are mainly related to using it with php or xml. I just want to load a regular new window link.

Please help me.


problem solved, picture removed

Thank you so much. You just saved me a lot of time. Although it didn’t look too hard.

no prob

*Originally posted by Majeye *
**problem solved, picture removed **

Why did u remove the picture, if someone would search for it later, if u dun want to keep the pic un yar website, attach it! :slight_smile:

the pic showed how to enter paramaters for individual links in the list box component. pretty common knowledge, but this guy just needed a shove in the right direction.

Majeye, if it is not too much trouble, please include the picture again. You never know whom it may help.

Here you go, even though it is quite simple…

Some new things over…lol

it just helps to keep threads complete. Thank you!

whats about the change handler…the only reason why I’m asking is because I can’t get it to work.

I think I might have the wrong Change Handler.

is it onClick???

actually it was suppose to be set at getURL. I got that to work. But here’s the thing. How about setting the new link to open a new window?

:cyclops: thanks…

use the window drop down menu to select ‘_blank’ or type it in the box.

see the pic attachment…