List Component caching previous selection order?

I’m building a dynamic flash page in Flash 8 action scipt 2.0. and have some trouble with my components apparently caching previous selections.
Basically I have an xml file which has sections called ‘categories’. Within each category there are a different number of video names and path’s to flv files.

I have a combo box that displays the categories. When a category is selected then the list component displays the video names. When one is selected the path is sent to the flv playback component and everything is fine…

…however…as an example I select a category from the combo box and then the “third” video name from the list component then the flv is triggered. If I now change the combo box selection suddenly the third video on the new list plays. Again if I change the combo box again the third video starts playing again. Somehow somewhere the order of my first list selection is remembered and automatically triggers the same video at that level for the new category. I have all my default’s blank under the component inspector / schema tab.

Ideally I would like to be able to refresh the list component memory so the previous selection does not influence the next.

Any advise would be greatly appreciated.