List of apps to build as you are learning?

One of the best ways to keep learning after mastering the basics is to actually start building small apps that get progressively more complex and larger as your skills grow. Wouldn’t it be great if we could create that list? Let us do just that here! Just post a short blurb for an app someone should build.

I will figure out a way to categorize them as topics roll in - probably as easy/medium/hard. Not sure yet haha.

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Stopwatch with support for lapping as a P2

Real-time chat box using Firebase

Simple payment form with Stripe backend

Color analyzer that takes a bitmap as an argument and returns the top 10 most dominant colors

An app that register your mood connected to the weather api.


Enter address/zip code, get weather!

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App that lets you import picture and it will call Watson API to describe what it is looking at.

Show current time in digital form! Simple and boring.

Show current time in analog form. May use canvas or the DOM.

App that shortens long URLs.

Simple Chatbot.


Simon Says

Memory Matching Game

Whac-A-Orange game [ not to be confused with the lesser mole version ]

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Using the unsplash API to display some images.
Text-to-speech word displayer
Geolocation and Google Maps

Displaying Hello, World! on button click!
Todo List
Displaying a Series of Content Cards
JavaScript Math Quizzer
Random Color Generator

You start with a blank keyboard layout and you have to use the mouse to fill in what key each blank space represents.

Random unsplash image displayer.

Display weather based on city name!

Cipher generator

Nice one Kirupa. Building while learning sounds nice. My fear has always been that I am not adequate enough.

I want to ask after HTML, CSS and Javascript. I’m confused about which program to learn. I really need to upgrade my skill. I don’t want to spread myself too thin by jumping from one language to the other.

If you don’t have a pressing need to learn something new, just go deeper in HTML, CSS, and JS.

Lightweight social sharer (twitter and facebook only)
Random word generator
Word truncator (accessibility -> a11y)
Unit converter
How old are you? (Basic and Advanced using Date.time)
Palindrome Creator

Visual Timesheets. Probably the most tedious aspect of corporate life for millions of unfortunate humans, can we make this simple task easier, more intuitive, and less soul crushing!? I’m thinking a calendar that you click drag and… done. Quick, and easy but captures really important labor data for the employer. Quickbooks, freshbooks, TSheets, etc all have options that are more form tab-tab-tabbing that is just no longer acceptable in the modern world!

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Countdown timer with a progress bar (bonus points for it being circular)

Random emoji picker

Using a gamepad to move a square element around the page

Open graph metadata generator for easy sharing on Twitter and Facebook

Play a sound that moves from the left speaker to the right speaker based on mouse/touch position

Simple scoreboard using Firebase to persist the data