How to go about Front End Web developement for a beginner?

I am an entrant to the world of front-end web development. I learnt basic HTML, CSS, JavaScript. But I see lots of things going around, like - jQuery, Bootstrap, React, React native, Ember, Backbone, Angular, Vue, SVG , PWA and also there are numerous other things (webpack, grunt, gulp). Currently , my focus is on Frontend , but I’m novice and overwhelmed by the amount of things there are currently to learn . Infact, I don’t know which path to take. How can I approach Front End Web Development after learning basic HTML, CSS and Javascript?

I am going for React + Redux with Functional Programming and React Native

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Are you wanting to learn just for fun? Or do you hope to make a career out of front end web development?

If your goal is career-focused, since you have a solid grasp of the basics, choose whatever one matches where you’d like to see yourself working. If that job requires React, then learn React. If it requires Angular or Vue or [insert random framework], then optimize for that.

Regardless of whether you are wanting to learn for fun or for career-oriented reasons, you should always keep building apps and keep your skills sharp. Take popular apps that are built in other frameworks or natively and see how you can build it for whatever framework you are learning. It’ll be frustrating but also be very educational :stuck_out_tongue:

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