Little problem with loading external files into the main frame

yes… okay, see, here’s the problem.
i’m basically a newbie to flash so i still have a lot of trouble with it, and i started making my website in flash based on the tutorial here on kirupa.

now, instead of using a blank movie symbol for the contents, i transformed a vector form into a movie symbol and gave it the instance name contents, because i intended the content to show up in a irregular frame.

it works well so far, i mean, it opens and that, but there’s a tiny little problem.
for some reason, instead of loading the external swf files correctly into the frame, they show up right in the middle of the frame, so the rest is cut.

oh well, i’m so bad at explaining, so let’s see a few screenshots ^^""

on this one you can see what the frame is supposed to be like, it’s the light ocre frame.

and here’s what it looks like in the html preview:

kay, so… see the problem? i just don’t get the contents to show up properly… it shows up exactly where that little cross is shown in flash… but i don’t know what it means nor how to change it .___.
hope anyone can help me O___o""""

ah yes, by the way, on little question - how can i make my website open in a smaller window that’s the same on every computer instead of adjusting to the internet explorer swindow size? i don’t know if i make myself clear O.o""""" i just don’t like it when i have a smaller website and there’s this huuuge white background of the internet explorer…