Load a movie in a different frame

I have a question here.

I have three frames now. I have several buttons in the upper frame and those buttons have movie clips. I want those movie clips to work in another frame. Do you understand? I need to put the buttons that have the movie clips in the upper frame. And I want the movie clips from the buttons to work in another frame. Please helpe me!!

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Here is the link.
Please help me. I have been thinking about this without sleep.

lemme see… so when you click on a button, you want the spotlight thing to go INTO the MAIN frame?

Click on this to see the link

Yes, that’s right.
When I click on a button, I want the spotlight thing to go INTO the MAIN frame?

Do you have any solution to this??

Yeah, the only way to do this is be learning extensive javascript. The only way you ever achieve that otherwise, is by making the mainframe INSIDE of flash, and replace the middle frame and top fram with this flash. Means all your content goes in flash somewhere on the timeline, and you have your five buttons point to that frame on the timeline they correspond with…
otherwise, buy a javascript book.
lemme know if this made sense

Thanks Valmont

It sounds almost impossible to me
I will try to find some other way to sort it out.
Thank you for your help.
I appreciate it.