Load an external jpg file

hi, i’m making a new site for me new cartoonfox comic. and i want to be able to load the comic jpg externaly, instead of having it in the swf. is there anyway? i know how to load an external swf file, is it the same way for a jpg?


check this out http://www.kirupa.com/developer/mx/loading.htm



hehe ok thanks ^-^

hmmm, i had this for loading the jpg (which is on the same server/same folder as the swf)

m_name._visible = false;
this.createEmptyMovieClip("temp", 1);
temp.onEnterFrame = function() {
	if (m_name.getBytesLoaded() == m_name.getBytesTotal() && m_name.getBytesTotal() != 0) {
		m_name._visible = true;
		loaded = true;
		delete this.onEnterFrame;

but it doesnt work. but if i put the jpg in a swf, and change “episode-001.jpg” with “episode-01.swf” it works. i’m guessing its something to do witht the loadMovie bit?



also, is there anyway to load a jpg from any url? so not on my website server?


Is your .jpg maybe progressive?

(You can’t load progressive .jpg’s dynamically.)


ahh of course, i’m so stupid ^-^

thanks man ^-^

(but i still need to know how to load a jpg from another server)


Another server…Hmmm

I know that loading external data from another server won’t work (without cross domain policy files, at least), but I don’t know if that applies to .jpg’s as well.
I’ve never tried it… But I have seen it done, though.

[size=1](just can’t remember the address… It was this site where you could enter an URL of a jpg and then apply funny effects to it)

[size=2]So I suppose you could try and if it won’t work, then it won’t work :smiley:

Edit: Found the site http://www.andyfoulds.co.uk/main.html

or… http://www.foulds2000.freeserve.co.uk/test/drawMask12.html[/size][/size][url=“http://www.foulds2000.freeserve.co…drawMask12.html”]

hmm, so how would i do it? ^-^

i’ve seen a site where it’s an swf, but in the middle loads a html page. so i’m guessing i need to do something like this?


found it


i think i should e-mail the guy and ask him how he did it


Hmm… you didn’t try simply putting an absolute path to your loading code?


lol no, i dont know how to do that, at least i dont think so

tell me, and then i’ll know if i can do it or not ^-~


I think Zakalwe has a good point there:lol:


bleh! i’m confused

What’s confusing you?


lol, the code didnt show up for me ^-^
i press quote and here it is ^-^

ah well, nvm ^-^


hmmm doesnt work :\

it loads, and then after like 2 seconds, it goes to the net frame, so its working (unlike last time) but the ima… doh, just remembered… PROGRESSIVE JBLOODYPG ^-^

**** why do i keep forgetting that ^-^

false alarm yet again



question: what is progressive images and how can you change them to anti-progressive or whatever it is ?