Load button

How can load a picture in my swf-file but I need it as a button to go to another frame. Is this possible?

i think one way of doing this is having an empty movieclip in the ‘up’ frame of the button as a container, and then loading the image into it with loadMovie(). Then have a gotoAndPlay() action on the button itself


once the image is loaded, you can assign it a onRelease action

A little more detail on what ahmed and senocular are talking about.

First, follow this tutorial, and it will tell you how to load movies/images from a remote location.

Place the empty movieclip that you are creating inside the ‘up’ frame of the button that you want people to click on. Then just go into the actions panel, and insert a “goToAndPlay()” or “goToAndStop()” action on the button. In Flash MX, it will automatically add the onRelease functions and crap, so you don’t really have to worry about that.