Load dynamically html page into table

I have bild a site in dreamweaver mx.
My site is without frames. Just tables.
I would like to load dynamically an exterior html page
into on of my tables.
because this exterior html page is managed directly by my client.
What scipt do I use?
I supposed is a javascript script.

Can somebody help me that one?

Thanks, Corinne

If you want to load dynamic data in table then you can use ASP
or similar language like jsp, php.

All right. Because my knowledge in that area is small, can you tell me what to writte?

why dont you use frames?

Iframes are your best option here. Easy to use and implement.

<iframe name="giveName" height="300" width="200" src="yourPage.html">

Put that script in one of your table cells. It will load yourPage.html in a 300x200 frame inside the cell.

thank’s lostinbeta.
few day ago a friend gave me that same scripts, it work just fine.


I am glad you got it to work :slight_smile:

I like Floating Frames! sorry…I’m stupid…