Load external movie failure!

Hi all, i have 2 movie clips say mc_main.swf and mc_gb.swf. Both work fine individually. The mc_gb.swf is a flash cgi guestbook.

  1. I try to use the following code to load mc_gb.swf into mc_main.swf

successfully loaded in , but the mc_main.swf is gone, leave only mc_gb.swf .
what i want is to have a new layer contains mc_gb.swf and mc_main.swf stays on a lower layer.

  1. I also try this code

seems ok, but the guestbook cant work. It cant get the data from cgi server.

Can anyone answer this?:red:

change it to


should work if you load into level 0 of anything it wil replace the whole content of the movieclip

Again, ok for loading movie clip but the guestbook still cant work.