Load flash in a flash

I am trying to load a flash in a flash file. I can load
any flash file with loadMovieNum(), however, i cannot
specify the movie location with this method.

I tried _root.creativeEmptyMovieClip and loadMovie()
but failed. Can anyone tell me why?

My .fla file can be found at:


Thanks a lot!

this works:

(just a little syntax error) you must also make sure that your movie clip you are loading has its location at 0,0 so that you can position it accurately.

on (release) {
_parent.createEmptyMovieClip(“container”, 1);
_parent.container._x = 10;
_parent.container._y = 60;


[swf=“http://www.zerium.com/flash/logo1.swf height=25 width=255”][/swf]

Thanks a lot! It works now. :slight_smile: