Load html witin the movie

Hi this may be a super simple question, but how do you load html within the same movie?
I have a list of button made in flash and I want them to load some html pages within the same page.
Also, I wonder if this could be done in flash.
I have a long chart, and I wish to creat button that when you click on it, it jumps to the specific section of the chart. I already post the same question couple time, still havent got any answer yet. Could someone tell me if it can not be done in flash…

thank you so much!!=)

It is not possible to load an html page into Flash. You can have html enabled dynamic textboxes, but not html pages loaded into Flash.

As for the chart thing, maybe you could use empty movie clips placed on the parts of the graph, and then when the button is clicked, it goes to the _x and _y location of your movie clip. This is just theory.