Load more than 1 swf from a button


Im a bit frustrated, in my way to understand how to load more than one swf with a single button click.

I have the following:

_root.controlador.destino = _level1;
_root.controlador.onEnterFrame = function()
if (this.destino.getBytesLoaded() == this.destino.getBytesTotal())amp;amp;
delete this.onEnterFrame;}

The first swf on level 0 is 800x450 so I’ve created 2 swf’s to go on the next level which once loaded cover the same dimensions.
Above code allows ZMSlide-bis.swf (800x356) to show at y=94 and of course now what I want to do is zurpaintop.swf (800x94) to load, in this case at x=0; y=0
I hope you get my idea with this explanation.
It took me already lots of time to reach to the above (I heard it can be done with MC’s but I guess that is at this time like maybe going too far, unless i got it RIGHT)
I’ve tried different code variations to try to add two swf calls but…
Here I am. No success yet. Please help!