Load movie clip in FIXED SIZE help

hello everybody ,1st post here please i need your help
i’ve made a flash site that will be 100% in the broswer so it will be scretched and scaled
this is not problem for me cause this movie is mostly the backround and some buttons
the buttons will load all the other mcs ,like photos ,videos etc
but i want the movie clips to load at fixed size and stay like this
even if the user resize his broswer the main movie will scale BUT the movie clips will stay at fixed size
how can i do it?

i load the mcs into levels or containers so plz help!

on (release) {

loadMovieNum(“menu.swf”, 1); // <—if i load this it will be scretched!
loadMovie(“menu.swf” , “container5”);//<-- even in the container!!