Load movie from remote link

Forgive my ignorance cause I assume this is another one of those givens I that I just seem step right over.

I have a main .swf movie in a html div layer. On the page in another location not in the main movie I have another div layer with a regular link that I would like to have (when clicked on) load a new .swf movie into/replace the main .swf movie. Seems simple and straight forward but I don’t no nothin nor do I find any mention of how to do this. Does anyone know ?

Thanks for any input.

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OK, assuming that you know how to load a movie (if not there are tutorials here), I think you’ll find what you need there:
Or here:
Here’s a list of all the JS methods to control Flash:

I didn’t check the links, but if you don’t understans something, just tell me, I’ll try to have a look at it.

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Hi Ilya …

Thank you for your reply to my post. I see how Macromedia are doing it. However you helped me to realize I am being stupid cause I am limiting myself using a javascript call in a div layer compared to making the FLASH more of the main page and have the link within the movie.


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