Load movie - parameters

Hi folks,

I am aware of how to do your load movie scripting… but my question is this…

How can I set the parameters of a smaller mc, to be placed on top of a larger mc, and not have the active ingredients (such as some random floating objects) roam outside of the smaller mc?

The problem I am having at the moment, is my objects will not stay inside the smaller mc, but instead, roam all over the larger mc below it. So I’m thinking I need to set up some solid parameters for the smaller mc. I was up late, late last night on all sorts of actionscript boards, and still haven’t found the answer. The few flash books I have haven’t given me much help either.

I am using flash 5, and the small mc is, once again, on TOP of a larger mc. Yet the movie in the small mc just roams where it pleases!

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

i’d say the answer lies in how your working the “random floating objects” rather than how you call loadMovie().

this is true. so is there a standard to setting a parameter to my smaller movie so my roaming objects can’t escape the mc? do i use Set Property? is it something more than _width and _height?

no, i’m afraid not. you could build it into the script which creates the random movement though.