Load Movie question

Can I Have the .fla for:
When I load my movie and then direct my movie to go and play it at a particular frame or scene of that loaded movie.
EG: main.swf as the main movie and loaded.swf as the loaded movie, so I can tell from main.swf to go and play the particular frame or scene at the loaded.swf thats the loaded movie.
I will appreciate u


I’m going to tell you a way that works. It really does. However, there may be a better way, and, if so, I’d like to know too.

When you do your loadMovie to load the loaded.swf, declare a global variable, like:


_global.jumpTo = 1;
loadMovie(“loaded.swf”, _root);


Then, on the first fram of loaded.swf, put:

if (jumpTo==1) {_root.gotoAndPlay(26)}

Or, whichever frame you need.

By the way, you didn’t mention which Flash version. I use MX.

Yeah i got MX…
Ok the script you gave me was only for one loaded movie.

What I meant was, I used the Loaded Movie already and when I click a different menu, It should fade out the previous loaded movie and then go to the new loaded movie.
So that I could put a fade out effect at frame 26 in the loaded movie, so when I goto the next menu I could say load movie and go and play at frame 26 where the blur in or fade out effect is…

No. I’m not sure I follow. It still sounds like you want to know how to jump to a specific frame when loading an external swf.

Try this:

loadMovieNum(“loading.swf”, 2)

Is that what you want?

Hope this helps