Load Movie Unload Movie problems

Hi everyone

I have a problem

I have 4 movies and my main movie

and 4 buttons

in my buttons actions I have the load movie command and I direct the level to movie 2 swf thats fine I then have an unload movie command which tells the computer to leave the first movie behind I then press on number three and four same thing no problem

but when I press on number 4 then go back to number 2 it overlaps eachother

how do I fix this

Thanks for your time


I think someone would have to look at that code to tell for sure.

If you don’t mind waiting behind a couple of others, you’re welcome to send it to me at [email protected]. Warning: it might take a bit of time for me to look at it.

If anyone else wants to debug this for me, feel free to speak up.


pom :stuck_out_tongue: