Load movies

Hi Everyone,

After I solved my last problem with the roll over action I found another. I want to load a movie into a movie clip with load movie into location. The movie clip I want to load into is in fact a white square. The movie I want to load is a set of buttons which use tell targets to direct movie clips. If I load the movie into place, the roll overs on the buttons are suddenly not working, so the movie clips they tell target to dont get activated. If I load the movie into a level (1 for example) everything is fine except for the location of the movie which I loaded (Which is top-left as a default). Does anyone know how to solve this?



I had a similar problem with targets in movies loaded into a location. Try taking the forward slash out of the target paths in the loaded movie so that:
Begin Tell Target ("/yourtarget/etc")
Begin Tell Target (“yourtarget/etc”

it might work…