Loadmovie headache

Hello Folks,

I am running out of time and out of options here, but I am stuck with a problem for a site I am working on.

Instead of writing it all down here, a visible approach is maybe good to save difficult to understand bla bla.

so : open the following link in the browser

wait for the two interfaces to load.

you will see several buttons , now drag the “mix-me” button on the bottle or in the rectangular area on the bottom.

a few moments later, a mixmovie appears. this mixmovie contains actionscript code to scroll the different recipes left and right.

now here is my problem.

I loaded the ****tail.swf file into an empty movie clip with instance name content_dummy. It loads perfectly but the actions in the ****tail.swf file seem all to be gone.

This does not happen with the loadmovieNum method but I would prefer to have it loaded into the dummy movieclip, because it is more manageable ?

can anyone help ?



XIII, because of the Kocktail.swf doestn work properly when I write it as I should but it is with a C

Sorry , code is FLASH MX, thx again

since you said it works with loadMovieNum… remove _root from all the scripts and use this/_parent instead. :wink:

Kax, I would love to use this approach, however it will not solve my problem.

I will need to use loadmovie where i have NO option to use this method.

However ? would it be a bug in Flash that some people have and I dont ? I am just guessing here, but I think it is strange to be able to keep the actions specified if loadMovieNum is used and nothing works with a target clip.

I really need to work with the target clip


no! i’m not telling you to use loadMovieNum!! :stuck_out_tongue:

do not use _root in your scripts, use relative addressing (this and/or _parent). that’s what i said. =)

so you mean on the button action :

loadMovie(“Kocktail.swf”, “_parent.parent.content_dummy”);

instead of

loadMovie(“Kocktail.swf”, “_root.content_dummy”);

the button with this action is located in the following movie clip relative to the main stage :

scene1 -> ****tail button -> ****tail black circle

I used this parent thing but it doesnt seem to work either.

Thx for your patience (y)

PS is absolute pathing giving me a hard time here ???

nope… you need to fix the addressing in kocktail.swf, not the main movie. :-\