Load MP3 stream on click

I’ve seen many tutorials on preloading mp3 (isStreaming)… but how do I load and play a stream only after clicking a button? Any help would be great…


on (release) {
this = new Sound();

Hope that helps. Good Luck

nemo | Bejingler


how to have it loop?

Well I saw your post, niisa, at about 2:30AM and I was bored so I made you MP3 Looper.fla just for you. SPECIAL ORDER. Just unzip the swf and fla and rename a favorite MP3 of yours to goodSong.mp3 and then check out the swf. The good thing about this is it is all contained in one movie clip. YEAH!. It also has some code in there to stop someone from repeatedly pressing the play button, causing mutiple playback at one time. ENJOY.