Load multiple jpg's from xml doc

Hi! Can anyone tell me how I can load multiple jpgs into a flash movie from a xml document? I need to create a movie clip on the fly… well, this I have managed, but lets say I have 5 images I want to display from a xml doc at different positions in the movie at the same time. To create this I do a for-loop on all the images in the xml file and get the image file paths, then I create an unique filename (ex. var movieClipName:String = “newFileName” + j;) (j is the iterator in the for-loop), then I create a new movieclip (ex. _root.createEmptyMovieClip(movieClipName, j);

…here the problem starts… you see, now I want to position the new movieClip. Ideally I would see this work: _root.movieClipName._x = 40 * j;
_root.movieClipName._y = 40 * j;
loadMovie(path, movieClipName);
…but this doesnt work. I cant find ANY way to position the new movie clip.

Does this make any sense? ANY IDEAS?

Regards, Tommy