Load nightmare

Sorry for being o.t.t. but my flash prob is killing me

right my movie has been made in flash Mx but my manager tells me now at the end of development that flash player 6 is not available on the local network and we must use 5 as lowest exportable version

fk and st and the rest of my frustration…

So I scale down to flash 5 compatabilty and now 2 of 20 pictures contained in swf files will not load on flash 5 players but…

get this they do load on flash 6 player

I have tried swaping the code from buttons that load swf’s succesfully but still these stuborn swf’s will load

what the hell is going on

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http://cwis.livjm.ac.uk/bes/jonstestpad/picturev.htm check it out

i can’t realy tell what the problem is, unless i have the fla and try it my self. but
1- if ur loading the pictures into targets, then the targets path may change when you change into flash 5
2- if the pictures r loaded into an empty MC, then chick out to see if the center of the MC is correct, when you load into MC what ever you load is loaded into the top left corner of ur MC.
3- chick out the structure of the code, roots and paths, and all the things that determine where and how the movie is loaded.

sorry i could not offer much help, as this is all i can do with out ur fla.
i u care to, (if it does not get you into trouble) let me know and i will send you my email address to get your fla.

good luck