Load specific movieclip

Let’s say I have two SWFs… a preloader SWF and a mainmovie SWF. The preloader SWF loads in the main movie SWF with the the LoadMovie function and assigns it the name of mainmovie_mc.

The way it is currently set up, the preloader loads the whole mainmovie_mc before playing it. Would there by a way for me just to load certain MC’s that are located in mainmovie_mc?

I tried putting all the MCs I want to load into a container_mc, and targeting that from the preloader, but it doesn’t target until mainmovie_mc has been loaded entirely (which kinda makes sense hehe). Any ideas?

EDIT: I’ve also just tried _framesloaded on the mainmovie_mc to load only the first frame, but that also only loads the first frame after the whole MC is loaded.

Cheers! :thumb: