Load text into masked dynamic text field

hey ppl,

Ok I’m having some trouble here. i followed this tutorial (http://www.kirupa.com/developer/mx2004/cssfile.htm) in order to load text from an external file and apply css styles to it. BUT my problem is that the text is under a mask. Embedding the font results in an empty text box, not embedding a font results in the same thing.

Any ideas??!?



I think I JUST had this problem. The solution for me was to set up the mask using actionscript rather than using a timeline mask.


Just put the mask_mc on top of the content_mc and put this actionscript in the actions frame and it should work.

Yeah … I know that works, but unfortunately, thats not an option for me. The mask is in a different a flash file.

Basically, the main flash file loads another flash file (the one with my text field in it), which is under a mask. There are other animations that need to be under the mask, so i can’t just assign it dynamically. Just the way my movie is structure, it won’t work.

Thanks for the reply, but do you have any other ideas?