Kinda like a big prob

okay, here goes… im still very new to flash, but i do have a bit of experience…

im making a clan site for a halo clan, i´ve got a decent layout and all that, external swf´s and so on to be loaded at press of a button… BUT
i want it to show dynamic text… through the mask, and i just wont succeed :puzzled:

i´ve tried masking with the actionscript… it wont seem to work, so therefore i now ask one of you to help me… have i done something wrong? or are there other ways of making this thing work?

// Coolio

embed font outlines

maybe this will help

well thx a lot :slight_smile:

i´ll try that

btw, that last link, i tried it, that thing did NOT work at all , i even tried it with a lot of options, i know im not gd at it yet, but clearly, that thing didnt work…

btw, just how do i do that embed thingy?

click the “character button” in the property inspector with the textfield selected.
If you are wanting to use bold,italic etc as well, you have to go to the library
and create new fonts.

thx dude :slight_smile: it worked… yeehaw… now the only prob is…

i spoke with the clan leader, and he wants to scrap the thing…

so im pretty darn ANGRY at that ****ing idiot, therefore… i left clan…

but i´ll use it for other site :slight_smile: thx again…


It must be one hell of a clan to leave over that! :lol:

oh yeah… that freakin f***er…

i used my sparetime on that for the clan… and he just said

" well, thx for trying, but i dont want the site now, sry, but thx for what u did "

i mean… wth… he cant say that… dumb f***

I understand your mad dude but please stop with the *** :slight_smile:

That is horrible, can I please see a link to what you were working on?

sry about the *** hehe… :slight_smile:

i´ll stop with that i promise, well… i kinda remade a bit of it to make myself happy, and to have something to experiment with, but… its standing still right now :)…

u can see anyways, im still a noob… so its not that gd

i´d like some feedback if you would give… :slight_smile:

cause the way i see it, the best way to get better, is to learn from your mistakes :slight_smile:


I think it looks fine but i kept pressing the mouse button trying to shoot some of the pictures.

lol well :slight_smile: i thought about makin an effect, but as im still not that gd its not there…

might come, as the site is experimental…

thx anyways :slight_smile: