Load .txt file to flash(flash mx)

hello everyone!!
Here is my problem:
my home language is portuguese, so many of the .txt files i want to load to flash are in portuguese, the problem is yhat some words in my language have special caracters, for example
( city=c(í)dade), in the .txt files the text is correct but when i load it to flash by actionscripts some letters were transformed in special caracteres like -$ # &-. If anyone nows the answer to my problem please helpme its very urgent, i tryed all, configure the text properties but nothing.
thanks to all!!!

url-encode / unescape… some of that stuff… sorry, too tired right now

No, it’s not that. If i publish it fot Maromedia Player 5 it works fine, but if i publish it for Flash Player 6/MX it works wrong. The cheracters are all mixed up. This must be a bug from MX, does anyone know any patch to correct the problem ??

perhaps its the font that you are using. Maybe it doesn’t have those special charaters included…i dunno