Load/unload movie-goto next frame on timeline

I have a main flash file that I load various external swf files into. On the first frame of the timeline, there is an intro swf loaded that basically welcoming the viewer to the site. What I want to do is have this load, play and unload and then go to frame two of the timeline where the main home section of the flash site is located.

One my first frame on the timeline I have:

On the external IntroMovie, I have unloadMovie (1); so the movie will play and then unload itself. What I can’t figure out is how to get the timeline to go to the next frame once this movie is finished playing and has unloaded

If I don’t put the stop in there, it simply skips this movie and goes to the next frame on the timeline and loads the home movie swf file.

Is there a way to use some sort of if statement, that if the movie is unloaded, goto the next frame, sort of like this:

if(code to verify if movie is unloaded);