Loaded clip constraints

I have some code that loads a movie to a certain area on my stage. Unfortunately though, the movie is un contained.

By that, I mean that things that are supposed to be off stage (invisible) are visible. Is there a way to foce the loaded clip to only show what is on the stage of the loaded clip?

As it stands right now, the clip i have is 250px by 20px
i have text swinging in from the right and exiting left. instead of seeing the textonly on the stage area of the MC i can see it to the right of the mc stage area (over my parent stage) and when it leaves, it just continues to move off the mc stage and over my parent stage.

PLEASE! anyone HELP, (i have no more fingernails because of this!!!) Thanks :slight_smile:

You could use masks :slight_smile:

i like the idea, but i put a mask over the area where my text comes in (its a dynamic text box) but nothing shows up through the mask itself. (if i place a regluar graphic or symbol under the mask then it works fineā€¦ can you use dynamic text with a mask?)

you need to embed the font in your dynamic text field if masked