Need help with masking dynamic text

I am making a part of a website where there is a whole lot of dynamically loaded text from a text file.

There is an action on a layer in _root that calls the text assigned to the variable “content” in the text file “text.txt” to be loaded in a dynamic text box with the variable “content” in a movie clip called “text”.

The text loads up inside the text box in the mC. No problems there.

The problem is when I try and only show some of the text in the text box. When I try and mask some of it, the whole lot disappears and nothing shows up.

How can this be overcome?

Thanks in advance,


Well the only text that will be visible is the areas which have an object in the mask layer covering the entire text but if there is blank areas in the object or the object is not large enough then you will not see all of your text!

I fixed the problem using what was described here…

Thanks for trying to help anyway… :slight_smile:


embeding is tricky. It’s the only way to get dynamic text to show up in a mask. but it adds about 20 - 25k to your project.

I don’t know much about embedding, but I was wondering: I embed a font in a movie, and then import another movie. Do I have to embed the font in the imported movie too (if I need too)?

pom :asian: