Loaded movie pathing problem - quick one i promise

yeah, that works fine. I just want to be able to keep all my coding in 1 place (+ this is just a very basic test). i need the child swfs to call functions etc from the main timeline.

thanks for the reply

I moved the following code:

_root.mcPlaceholder2.butt1.onPress = function(){

from main to that empty layer3 you have on mc2.fla and it works fine. Have to republish mc2 once its moved.


you should put an mc on the main timeline and add these actions to it:
onClipEvent (enterFrame) {
_root.mcPlaceholder2.butt1.onPress = function() {


then it will work because is checks for press very often this way

I`ve attached the file if you need it.
You originally thought this might be a path problem. Because you have used a mc button, if you type trace(this) on the timeline of butt1, it will tell you the path.

No I don’t think it will because string is right (and I just noticed kdzines that you want all the actions on the main fla - sorry).

Yes you have to make sure the external swf is fully loaded before your buttons will work but because it starts playing immediately this scenario may not work for you. You might have to put the code on the external swf itself, depending on what you want to be able to do when.


well with my option all the code will be on a mc in the main fla… but stingy’s option is better… but it was a nice puzzle =)


thanks matey, that works a treat now. now to apply it to my actual project…

thanks all you guys for getting involved, really appreciate the support!