Loader Component in "Forms Application"

I have observed a very strange issue when using the Loader component within a form-based application in Flash MX 2004 Pro.

The movieclip (.swf) loaded is distorted as if it had been scaled, although scaling is set to “false” and the size is correct.

If I copy the exact same Loader component (loading the same movieclip) into a traditional timeline-based Flash document the movieclip loads perfectly without any distortion.

Does anyone have any idea how I can make this work in my application?

Any help is GREATLY appreciated!


Don’t use the forms – plain and simple.

They’re buggy as hell, and horribly inconsistent (aka buggy)…did I mention they’re buggy?

It’s a great idea that’s going to extend the use of Flash as an application-developement platform to those who might usually integrate VisualBasic. It’s going to be an amazing feature…when it ****ing works right.

Seriously, the forms in Flash MX 2004 Pro have to be the BUGGIEST bit of code I’ve ever worked with that was not pre-release beta. It’s more like an alpha build of an idea created to help pitch the design idea to the software developement team or to show Flash users what to expect in a few years. Do not build with it, do not design with it – don’t even use it. Give it another year or so until MX 2005 (or whatever they name it), then it might be more reliable.

For now, try VB/C++/Java and leave the MX 2004 Pro forms dead where they stand.

Unfortunatly I am 95% complete in building this presentation. I would have avoided using forms, but my client insisted upon using them, so I’m stuck.

This is really the last hurdle to overcome (I think) and I could really use some help on this one. If you would like to see what I mean you can check out the presentation at:

From the Main Menu click on one of the doctors. This will load the Overview section. Follow the on-screen instructions to start the video/slide presentation. The “slides” are the movieclips that I am having the trouble in distortion with.