Loader component...not loading...w/ example. please help!

Hey guys.

I’m linking to a .zip file of a simple simple project I am working on.

zip file
{EDITED: You might also need this tween library extension (lmc_tween) }

For the life of me, I cannot figure out why the loader refuses to display the .jpg I am loading.

-the jpg is NOT progressive and I believe I am calling the loader.load() function properly.

There is obviously something wrong, most likely something I am unkowingly doing incorrectly.

NOTE: all the files I reference below are included and in the proper place in the .zip .

The AS on the first frame of the _root level reads an XML file, and then dynamically attaches a series of identical movieclips (called “artist_box”).

On the first frame of every “artist_box” movieClip there is actionscript that sets the onRelease() function for a movieClip within the “artist_box”.

onRelease() of one of these internal movieClips, two things should happen. First, the “artist_box” slides around by calling a function from the main timeline. That works fine. Then, the actionscript tells a loader component within the referenced “artist_box” to load an image.

No matter what i do, I cannot get this loader to load the image.

Can anybody tell me what the problem is?