Loader component seems to be overriding th preloader in the external .swf

Here’s the deal…

OK I have one main .swf, and 3 external .swf’s that I have loaded into the main .swf using three loader components (one for each .swf). I have a preloader I made (following this tutorial [color=#0000ff]http://www.tutorialoutpost.com/count/2685)[/color]) in each of the .swf’s. I’ve used this exact preloader in other things so I know it works, however, I’ve never used this preloader when the .swf in which it’s in is loaded into another .swf using the loader component. The loader component seems to be overriding the preloader, and just loads the whole .swf before showing anything. Anyone have an idea ast to how I can get this preloader to work, or anyone have any alternatives?