Loader/Progress Bar/.flv...@ bottleneck speed!

This is somewhat in relation to another post I have, but this is just dealing with the work around I have in place.

Here’s what I got:

Main Movie
-Empty Movie Clip “contents” (loads movie)
-Movie Clip “intro” (contains progress bar/loader)
-Movie Clip “video” (contains embedded .flv file)

I’ve got it to where the “intro” clip loads the “video” clip and then at the end of playing the movie loads yet another clip into the “contents” clip.

Are ya still with me? :slight_smile:

I know, this is a huge file and not very efficient, but as a novice, this is what I have to work with. So, my question is…how can I ensure that the “intro” clip does not start playing the video clip until it is fully loaded? I have a broadband connection and it still stalls a bit. Mostly in the audio.

If you have time check it out at Flashbacks Dance Club.

Any input to make this bottleneck of a wreck faster and smoother is greatly appreciated.

Have a great weekend. =)