Loading a large file

Here we go again …

Okay so I have a main movie (intro page) and I want it to go load the external .swfs while playing through the intro.

Is this possible?

Here is what I have done so far:
I linked the main swf to load the swf and then put a preloader on each external swf. But I hate that. Because you load the site and then get in the middle and have to load again.

I would rather have them move through the site while it is loading in the background.

Make sense?

Anyways thanks in advance,
Vixie … who is not sure I worded that right :wink:

Well you could load the external movies into movie clips that have the _visible = false; script sent to it. But again this may affect your intro quality in matters of speed. Get what I am trying to say?

I DO understand it :slight_smile:

Could I not then load each external .swf at different time intervals? So lets say that one loads and then 200 frames later another one loads and so on and so on … making each one invisable until I want to make them visable.



Sure…thats simple, lets say you want to load 3 external movies every 200 frames (named ‘movie_1.swf’, ‘movie_2.swf’, and ‘movie_3.swf’), just make an empty movie clip and use this script on that clip:

**onClipEvent(load) {
     frame_counter = 1;
     movie_loader = 1;

onClipEvent(enterFrame) {
     if(i >= 200) {
          loadMovie("movie_" + movie_loader + ".swf", your_target);
          frame_counter = 1;
          movie_loader = 1;
     } else {

Reply back to tell me if that description was good enough if not I’ll try again!