Loading a movie

here’s the code i have currently

onClipEvent (enterFrame) {
	loadMovieNum("2B.swf", 0);

as it is now the movie that i tell it to load, 2B.swf in this case, loads in the whole screen. i want it to load in the symbol where the contoller is


the symbol is called movies and there is a controller mc on the main timeline of that symbol that tells the movie to load onClipEvent(enterFrame){

if you look at my file you can see the triangular box on the right where it says “none” thats where i want the movie to load eventually.

the 2B.swf is an external movie that has been formatted with a mask to fit that box

nevermind … turns out i’m retarded … i forgot to supply the path for where i want the movie to load so by default it loaded in the main window.

i changed the code to read

onClipEvent (enterFrame) {
	_root.movies.loadMovie("2B.swf", 0);

and it works … except it plays waaaay down in the bottom right, almost off the screen.

how do i make it play exactly where i want it to? what controls where the movie plays when it loads?


after you load the new clip, change its _x and _y properties. C’mon Shuga… you know this by now! :slight_smile:


would i do that in another frame or in the same script

would this work?

onClipEvent (enterFrame) {
	loadMovieNum("2B.swf", 0);

i’m not at work now so i can’t test the code shrug yeah i shoulda been able to figure that out :slight_smile: