loadMovie loadMovieNum _x_Y help me please

I have a very VERY similar problem. I have waited and waied for someone to answer me on a lot of other flash AS2.0 boards…and no reply…Now, I know I am not the best or the worse but dear god people… I also went out and bought 300$ or more worth of coding and AS2.0 book and none really apply to my prob. I want to do hmmm. load a movie…sorry for the attitute but I am about to throw my computer and my self across the table. I am a math and science freak and love this stuff yet with flash 8 pro things are all screwed up…not flash not java not any language exactly it seems to be kind of emerging into a hybrid and that is cool if I could follow. LMAO

I have a main timeline…withe menu…sliding menu in a movie clip…
I have tried all options and some work kind of

I want a movie to load next to the right of my menu…so put it in a MC and then tell it what its X,Y, coordinates are…right doesn’t work and if it should it isn’t… this is my last resort…this work is due tomorrow and my other coworkers are either sick, have the day off and or one got fired so I am screwed…completely…!

I knwo it is short notice but I will be checking this forum day and night…PLEASE help a poor lost soul. lol Thanks for reading this.

ps. I ahve tried putting the code onto the buttons, inside the menu where the buttons are on the frame, and insiude the _root timeline…eeeek. I am going crosseyed…lol trying for roll over pics to pop up and if clicked to have a movie of the the button contents to load into the place of the mc. … I hope that made sence. Bye. ;0) n hugs