Loading a SWF and storing for later use

I’m building a website which is entirely in flash. There is a large main flash file and as you navigate through the site, many other external SWF’s are loaded. The problem is that some of these are quite large and take a while to load. I was wondering if there is a way to load an SWF without showing the user that it is loading (no progress bars or anything) and then not doing anything with it once it is loaded, but having it ready for when I want to use it.

It may help to see the site to understand: http://www.daylifeband.com. If you click on the “band” link, it will load a page with several other links. Most of them you click will simply say “Coming Soon”, but the Media, Contact, and Tour links currently work and are good examples of what I am talking about. How would I load one of these before the user has clicked it so it is ready?

Thanks so much!