Loading a .swf into flash from a .swf

To cut down on bandwidth i used the info here: http://www.kirupa.com/developer/mx/loading.htm (awesome, using action script to load a movie handler), The problem is loading a .swf into flash from a .swf. Here is what I am trying to do:

I’ve got a main.swf and I load a external home.swf into it. In the external home.swf there is a button that I would like to load another swf in the main, using the loading technique’s above.

I found a way around it by adding a ‘on press goto frame 2’, and copying the second swf into the external home.swf at frame 2. As this site builds to completion, it can get rough copying already swf’s into swf’s.

If this help, you can view my creation at www.geocities.com/tah_timbo. The home.swf loads into the main.swf. In the home.swf there are two buttons near the center of the page, below the box, that are ‘Buy Now’ and ‘Free Trial’. I would like to load another swf here from the home.swf (currently a copy to frame 2 of underconstruction.swf). I hope I explained this well enough for a resolution. Thanks to all who spend the time.

In home.fla, where do you load main.swf? In an empty MC?
In this example, the empty MC in home.fla is called container

button_1.onPress = function() {
    loadMovie("another.swf", "_root.container");

Let me know if that helps…

you did it! its running like a dream. Thank you, thank you, thank you

“_root” always refers to the timeline of the main movie.
If you have AS with “_root” in, let’s say, another.swf, and you want it to
do something in home.swf, it won’t work. Try “_parent” instead.
good luck…