Loading external swf

so i want a portfolio viewer. i have a scroll menu to choose image. When you choose an image, an external swf will load in a little image window. with a description of the work… And at thebottom of this external swf i want a “view” option which allows the user to view the image full screen or at least the full size of the movie stage. But since this “view” button is in the external swf, how do load the full image on the main swf?

[AS]_root.InstaceName.loadMovie(file.swf);[/AS]I’m not really sure that this will work. It depends on what script you’re using.

i dont have any real script right now. all i want to do is load a swf into another swf from another swf. if that makes any sense?

This should make more sense of the script and what you’re trying to do. :thumb:

i dont think that tutorial represents what i want to do. since their buttons are in the same swf as where they want to load the swf. Anyone have any ideas?

Well maybe its not necessary i can just make it in the same swf. just more messy…

Well maybe its not necessary i can just make it in the same swf. just more messy…

Ok, so you load a small swf into your main, and you want a button in this loaded swf to have a button that once clicked it loads a bigger version of the loaded swf into the main one?..are you using loadMovie or loadMovieNum?

thats my question, i dont how to do this. i know how to load a movie into a swf. but not from another swf.

It’s exactly the same. Say you have two container clips in your main movie, MC1 and MC2. You load a swf into MC1 using:


in whatever.swf you have a button that you want to use to load a different swf into the main movie container MC2, you use:


Is this what you mean?


but whatever.swf contains the button. and wants to load whatever2.swf in the swf where everything is contained.So whatever.swf is in main.swf and a button in whatever.swf wants to load whatever2.swf in main.swf

Yep, and the way I posted above is the way to do that…

To make sure, you’re not loading whatever2.swf into whatever.swf, right? Just loading it into the main movie, am I reading you right? If so, the above solution is what you need.

so the the button in whatever.swf will know that theres a “MC2” in main.swf?

Yeah, as long as you put it there, it will look in the _root for it and find it and then load the next swf into it.