Loading an external .swf then referencing to it's label

I’m new with Actionscript and am currently working at building a website. I’ve got a lot figured out so far but one problem I’m running into is when I try to load an external .swf using the loader component and then reference it or try to point to it within my main .swf I can only load the “gallery.swf.” through myLoader.contentPath = “gallery.swf”;

I’m trying to load it and then point to a specific label so it loads that frame or label. I’ve created separate labels for each image in my gallery so that when I point to them with AS, it knows which image to load. It worked when I had the gallery in the main .swf but when I used the loader component it didn’t work.

The AS I used that worked before I made a separate .swf and used a loader was:

on(release) {

what I thought would work was:

_parent._parent._parent.myLoader.contentPath = gallery.swf.photos_MC.gotoAndPlay(“img1”);

I’m probably totally off, but if anyone could help out I would appreciate it!