Loading defualt music player

Question and Explanation:

I have a movie that has 10 buttons each button I want on (release) to load a music file using users default media player. Do I use this code:

on (release)

Thanks in advance.

Well I don’t have experience trying to load sound files that open in new programs but when I have loaded sounds it is more like loading a mc or a movie…treating the sound as a mc. Maybe just try the code you have posted and see what happens - it may work.

Not trying to load external movie. I just want buttons that enable users default media player to load a song from a site folder on (release).
Thanks though and I will keep trying things.

well maybe this will help you:

well i looked into that and it doesnt need all that.

I can successfully get 3 flash buttons to load WMV files into media player on click however, when I am trying to load an mp3 on release it wont open default player it trys to take me to an html page with the 404 error.

Are you sure you have the address for the MP3 typed in correctly? (copy and paste into the browser). It should work just like a normal link. If the WMV files work, the MP3 should.

yay i figured it out. thanks for the help jilly. PLUR.

stratification, yeeyuh, holla. PLUR

You are welcome though I did not do much. Glad you figured it out!