Loading Dynamic Menu From XML

I’m working on this podcast player (see attached .FLA – note: it’s a CS3-generated FLA), and I’ve got most of the more simple things setup and ready to go. I’ve used an old tutorial from here (I believe) to create my scroller action for the list view, but my question would be creating the actual list items dynamically from an XML list. I’ve been reading all morning about XML parsing and capturing the data. I think once I get to that point, I’ll be a-okay, and able to do what I’m looking for, but the more immediate issue is actually “building” the menu list with AS.

I know it’s possible with more AS knowledge than I currently have, but I was hoping that someone around here could either give me a hand, or at least give me an idea of what to Google to find what I need.

The structure I’m looking for again is to build a menu of list items, vertically-space them according to my design grid, and have the content for the dynamic text boxes be populated through the XML functionality.

All I really need at this point is for someone to point me the right way, so far as how to learn to script the dynamism of building my list with AS.

Thanks in advance for any input that any of you can provide.