Loading dynamic text onto another level..?

With the help of Kode, I have figured out how to randomly load and fade in poems from text files. Only, after trying to add additional functionality, namely, an index from which visitors may choose a poem to load, I have run into problems. To put it simply, I can’t figure out how to modify the code he provided to load text onto lvl0 so far. Here’s some sample code I placed on the first button, which is an mc inside an mc (and that mc is placed on the stage, which is a separate swf loaded on an upper level by lvl0):

on (release){

var poem = new LoadVars();

poem.onLoad = function(ok) {

if (ok != false) {

this.onData = function(src) {

if (src != undefined) {

_level0.poembox._alpha = 0;

_level0.poembox.text = src;


} else {

_level0.poembox.text = "Error.";




} else {

_level0.poembox.text = "Error loading file.";




Here’s the url for the files required: http://home.comcast.net/~peachsnowfalling/poemindex.rar… Main.swf is the main site, which provides a button labeled “INDEX”. PoemIndex.fla is the source for the swf loaded when the user clicks the INDEX button. “mcButtons” holds all the buttons for each individual poem (wish I didn’t have to hard code all of it), and I’ve also provided “poem1.txt”, for testing purposes. If someone can pleasehelp me with this I’d be eternally grateful! I’ve tried contacting Kode a number of times as he’s the one who helped me originally, with no luck. Too bad I don’t have his e-mail :frowning:


The Red Fall


Grr… Kode, where are you? Don’t tell me all the views are mine… someone please help me already! Sorry for sounding impatient, it just seems it would be easy enough for an intermediate ActionScripter (which I’m not, obviously), and I’d rather it were resolved in the near future…