Loading ext movie in ext loaded movie


i have a project with a main page called: main.swf
it loades page movies in itself for each subsection: subpages/bla.swf

_root.hole.loadMovie (“subpages/bla.swf”);

if i start main.swf it works :thumb:

i have a introfile called: intro.swf
and when the intro is over it loades main.swf in itself

_root.space.loadMovie (“main.swf”);

but then the loaded main.swf doesnt load the subpages/bla.swf :{


it’s not clear to my where exactly the problem lies but i have tested such a constellation with 3 movieclips that are loading themselves into another like this: movie 1.swf loads movie 2.swf and movie 2.swf loads 3.swf

if i start 1.swf i can only see movie 1.swf and movie 3.swf
if i start 2.swf i can see 2.swf and 3.swf

is this like it should be??
now i am confused too…

in the root there are two container movie clip: “hole” and “space”, rite?
try use just one container

//intro.swf loads main.swf
_root.space.loadMovie (“main.swf”);
//main.swf loads subpages
_root.space.loadMovie (“subpages/bla.swf”);

in the root there are two movie clips as container: “hole” and “space”, rite?
try use just one container

//intro.swf loads main.swf
_root.space.loadMovie (“main.swf”);
//main.swf loads subpages
_root.space.loadMovie (“subpages/bla.swf”);

thx for help but…
sry … i didnt expressed myself well

The main.swf loads the external subpages not as subpages
that replace the main.swf. The subpages are loaded inside
the main.swf. Looks more like backgroundimages with text,
content and so on.

Therefore main.swf has a emptyspace movieclip in which the
subpages are loaded. The main.swf is only a menu-button thing.

main.swf <-- bla.swf

This part works =)

The intro.swf is an another movieclip that has too an empyspace
movieclip inside in that the main.swf should be loaded. The
intro.swf loads the main.swf perfectly but then the external
loaded main.swf doesnt load the bla.swf content files.

intro.swf <-- main.swf <xx bla.swf

This part doesnt work :a:

finally it should look like

loader.swf <–intro.swf <–main.swf <–bla.swf


loader.swf <–intro.swf
loader.swf <–main.swf <–bla.swf

And i suppose when i use my loader.swf which should load
intro.swf and so on, it wouldnt work either.
But i dont know why???:puzzle:

ooo… i see. the path has changed.

in second loadmovie try this:
_root.space.hole.loadMovie (“subpages/bla.swf”);

“hole” doesnt exist in the root anymore.

thanks!!!..for that enlightment. i didnt know that _root
is always absolute like u mentioned in that example.
i rewrote and checked the loading code but there is only one
line in main that uses directly _root.hole… the rest of the
code uses this.hole

i changed the _root.hole to this.hole and the main.swf still works
as standalone. but when loaded into intro.swf it shouldnt work
like u mentioned.

so i changed the code in the main.swf to this.space.hole but it doesnt work
either… so whats going wrong??
perhaps i post teh c0de

loader code in main.swf

is written down in the first frame and called up from teh buttons

MovieClip.prototype.change = function(d) {
	if (_global.fileIndex != d) {
		_global.fileIndex = d;
		if (_global.loadedlist[d] == 0) {
			_global.loaderalpha = 50;
		_global.loadedlist[d] = 1;
		this.onEnterFrame = fadeOut;
MovieClip.prototype.fadeOut = function() {
	if (this.space.hole._alpha>this.fadeSpeed) {
		this.space.hole._alpha -= this.fadeSpeed;
	} else {
MovieClip.prototype.loadFile = function() {
	this.space.hole_alpha = 0;
	this.onEnterFrame = loadkrapMeter;
MovieClip.prototype.loadkrapMeter = function() {
	var i, l, t;
	l = Math.round(this.space.getBytesLoaded());
	t = Math.round(this.space.getBytesTotal());
	if (t>0 && t == l) {
		_global.loaderalpha = 0;
		this.onEnterFrame = fadeIn;
MovieClip.prototype.fadeIn = function() {
	if (this.hole._alpha<100-this.fadeSpeed) {
		this.space.hole._alpha += this.fadeSpeed;
	} else {
		this.space.hole._alpha = 100;
		this.onEnterFrame = null;

this one cant work in the standalone main.swf but it doesnt work either
when main.swf is loaded by intro.swf into the space mc…
and my time is slowly running out…:d:

_root.space.hole doesnt work either … :crying: