Loading ext. movies?

i have a button that creates a blank movie clip when clicked , and loads an external movie in the blank movie, but after that movie is played i need it to load another movie and play that one in the the same blank movie.
on (release) {
_root.createEmptyMovieClip(“blank”, 1);
blank._x = 10 ;
blank._y = 60 ;
loadMovie(“transitions.swf”, “blank”);


there is the code on the button, but what do i put after that to load another movie in the blank movie to play right after the 1st one is done?

Ok I read your PM and here is another way you could do it. Have your transition inside a movieclip and give it an instance name of “load” for example. Then have a section of your timeline used for the transition and give it a label name something like “transition” for example. So let’s say on frame 1 is your link, place a stop there as well. Next frames 2-10 would be the trasition so place your transition MC into frame 2 then on frame 10 place these actions:

loadMovie ("external.swf", "load"); 

This will replace your transition with the external movie. And on your link, you would use an action like this:

on (release){

This will tell flash to go to and play the frame label “transition”

I hope that gives you an idea, I use a similar method on my site as well, maybe you can use it as well.

ok that worked great, but i have about 10 links that need that transition to play when clicked, and if i have

loadMovie (“external.swf”, “load”);

at the end of frame 10 it will only load the movie that i have put in that line of code. what about all the other links?

after frame 10, frames 11-20 would be the transition section again, just give it a new label name like “transition 2”, just repeat all the steps that I told you and just replace the name of the external swf for the actions on the next link. Do this for all your links.

ok i see thanks so much for all your help.

ah man there is still a problem. the transition plays and it loads the movie, the transition plays under the movie. here is the .fla for it. maybe you can tell me what i did wrong.

post the external movie as well so i can load it into your main movie.

ok sorry here you go

heres the other one

The reason why your loaded movie loaded at the bottom is because the registration point for you movieclip was in the middle when it was suppose to be in the upper left hand corner. I went ahead and fixed it for you and organized your timeline as well so things should work now. Here is your fla. =)

yeah but you took out the

_root.createEmptyMovieClip(“blank”, 1);
loadMovie(“main.swf”, “blank”);
blank._x = 10 ;
blank._y = 60 ;

in the 1st frame, so when the page loads there is no content. the problem is that when i have that code in the 1st frame the transition plays under the content that loads on the 1st frame. i can’t get the movie that loads (main.swf) to disappear when the transition starts playing.

Why don’t you just have the main content on there already, like have it sit on just frame one, so when the link is clicked, the main content is gone and the transition plays and loads the new content in.

Here is an example of what im talking about.

when i put it on frame 1, it still does go away when the transition plays. the main.swf won’t unload, it just stays on the screen.

ok If you want it to stay then extend the timeline of the maincontent layer like in this example.

haha i posted after you already had, yeah that works. thanks.

haha ok I’m glad it worked, if you have anymore problems then post them. =)