Loading external movie clips

Let me try to explain my problem…
i have a movie with 2 mc’s to display content: content1 and content2 . When I click my button on main stage, i load an external mc inside content1 . This external mc has a button that, when pressed loads an external mc inside content2 .
But i cant get dat second button to work. Can someone check wat im doing wrong, ive attached the file…
Sorry if it was confusing, dats the best i could do for now.

You can apply a script like this to that button. [AS]on (release) {

yes i could, but i forgot to mention dat im using a transition mc on main stage. by clicking the second button, i tell the transition mc to play and after dat load the new mc, but its not working…

Then place this on the frame at the end of your transition sequence.[AS]_root.content2.loadMovie(“external.swf”);[/AS]

Electrongeek, yeah i can do dat but AGAIN lol i wasnt making myself clear… :smirk:
By clickin the button, i store the name of the mc i have to load in a variable… then it tells the transition mc to play (the transition mc has a preloader) and load the value stored in the variable.
The problem is dat i get the button to work, it loads the transition mc into the content2 mc but all i get is the preloader looping.

By the way EG… is dis idea of using one single transition mc a good idea?

There’s nothing wrong with using one transition mc, it keeps things organized and less complex.

I just downloaded your files and you zipped up a bunch of swfs, how about zipping up the FLAs so that people can see how things are actually set up.

my apologies EG, im kinda new to dis and messed things up

Nevermind, i got it working now