HELP! Cannot load an XML-based SWF in a Flash Project, PLEAS HELP!

Hi Guys,

I’d like to thank everyone in advance for reading this and helping me out. My problem seems fairly simple, however, due to my limited experience with Flash I’m having some difficulty with it. Anyway, here is my problem:

I’m trying to use a Photo Gallery written in Flash. The source files for it could be found in the link below:

Now, when I unzip and unload all the files to a single directory, everything works fine. The images load up from the XML file and so on. EVEN, when I decompiled the .swf to a .fla, the file decompiled fairly well and when rendered back into the .swf through ctrl+Enter, the gallery was still working, with the XML being loaded fine.

Here’s my problem. I’d like to use this application INSIDE an already existing Flash project that I have, instead of loading the .swf object into an HTML file or so. For this purpose, I’m using the one method I know of, which would be the loadMovie() method in Flash, which of course, as you all know, let’s you use another .swf within an .swf.

Unfortunately, now when I compile my Flash project, the Gallery shows a gray area where the images are to be displayed and the caption keeps reading, Loading XML file or something like that. The Flash debugger or whatever that interface is, shows an error that says something like, Error loading URL: C:/fsfsffss/fsdfdfdf/dfsdff/undefined. Please keep in mind that I’m using not the Web, but a local drive to call this Gallery .swf file, and yet the error still says, “URL” but I figure that’s just generic language, it just cannot locate the XML file. Here are things that are true about my problem:

  1. ALL the files, that is, the .swf for the gallery, the XML for the gallery, the .swf for my existing Flash project, even the .fla for my Flash project AND the gallery are in the SAME directory!

  2. When I compile the Gallery .fla, the very same source for the .swf in my existing Flash project, the images load up FINE in the .swf of the gallery!

  3. I have made no ActionScript changes when using the loadMovie() method.

  4. When Flash gives me the URL not found error, it does NOT tell me exactly what FILE it’s looking for, the error is only mentioned till the ROOT directory of the .fla file of my project, which is also the directory for all the .swfs and the .flas for my gallery and everything.

As you guys can see that everything seems to be in order, however, it’s just so strange that merely calling the .swf from the same directory in a different Flash project is totally making this application, useless. As I mentioned earlier, I’m a beginner or less, at Flash, so please bear with me if my problem seems dumb. Nevertheless, my deepest gratitude for anyone that can help me out with this problem. Thank you again.


You can try this one flash gallery
I have no such problem with it.

I can’t help but assume its because the file you are loading in,

must have _root or references as such to locations,

ie, when you load a swf into another, _root changes hence all the variables are “lost”

because its looking in the wrong place