Loading external swf problem


i used this tutorial to make my website load external swf’s when viewing images.


and it works, except for some reason, in internet explorer, the loading movieclip in the middle of the transistion (while loading the images) freezes, and doesnt fix untill the images are loaded (a few seconds later) and then evrything goes fine again. the swf is about 3 MB.
but in netscape, the animations play smoothly through the transition and the images load and show in the same time as IE.

so they both load the images in the same time, but in IE, the animations freeze untill the images are loaded.

can anyone help?
i cant show the file because my host has reached its limit for this month, and the .fla is 11MB :puzzle:

thanks for any help or advice.

Are you preloading the content? 3mb is fairly big for an online swf. Macromedia recommend not exceeding 5mb for swfs, but even 1mb per movie is excessive for online content.

When you test your movie in Flash, look at the Bandwidth profiler for the heavy spots in your movie. It might be a case of too much info in one frame. You may have to spread it out, reduce the quality of the movie, increase jpeg compression or break it up in to smaller swfs.

Don’t forget your slower dial up visitors :slight_smile:

hi. thanks for replying.

what i have is my website, full flash. and when you click on gallery, 3 options come up.
each option take you to a different ‘page’. each page looks like the other pages in the site, but they have a small-ish box in the corner. this is where the external swf is loaded. the swf is just a bunch of buttons with thumbnails in. then when you click on them, a pop-up window comes up, with the selected picture/images. (its my portfolio site).

i just realised (after reading your post) that i havent compressed the jpg’s at all!! and even though only a small part of the jpg is shown, i still should compress, huh? :smiley:

ok, silly me! i’ll compress them, that should help.

thanks again, sorry for being stupid!


ok, i compressed the swf’s.

eg: before = 3.2 MB
after = 472 KB

any further compression and the quality would be too low (evan for thumbs!)

…but it didnt work. the loading still froze.

so then i got rid of all the moving animations (background animation etc)
still hasnt worked. :frowning:

there is nothing happening on this ceratin frame (different scene from the rest) eccept the “loading” movieclip and the swf (472 KB) being loaded. and the “loading” movieclip isnt big at all. just a few frames repeated.

can any one help? could it be the way it loads the swf?
here is the url

[edit] even when i change the quality to low (while viewing the swf) it still freezes.

please, any help or advice would be greatley appreciated.


If it is working in Netscape but not IE then it sounds like a bug.

The url to the Kirupa tutorial is dead so I couldn’t view the code. Unexplainable problems in my swfs have, on occasion, been solved by copying and re-creating some content in a fresh file.

Did you use the Bandwidth Profiler?

Otherwise, I think you are on your own.

here is the url


i used the bandwidth profiler, and there wasnt any huge bits. nothing to make the move freeze. and i would have thought that if there was alot going on, it would play slow, not freeze. sounds like a bug to me too! ****!

i’ll try and make a new file.


hey carixpig (and anyone else)
what is the average saize when loading and external swf? i just realised that my smallest gallery (i have 3) is only 36k, as it only has 2 thumbs (out of a possible 18), and it runs smoothley. and loads quickly. so i’m gonna have to find a way of turning 427k into about 36!! :confused:

average size is about 400 i would say or anything under 1mb. Loading an external swf which is bigger then 1mb and after compression already is not good {hehe well not good, just takes time to load for 56k ppl not cable or broadband :P}
but newyz, having a swf bigger than 1mb really needs a preloader and of course that tut already creates one.

well, my swf is now 192 KB, and it still freezes. i’ve only managed to make it play smoothley with an swf 36KB!! :confused:

i think i’m gonna have to make each thumb as a seperate swf. each about 17k. hopefully that will work.

ok, in the end i had to just get rid of the jpgs and swap them with simple text (one, two, three etc) the freezing was too anoying. i’ll have to experiment more and increase my knoledhe of actionscript (i’m still a beginner) before i go back to that!!

so, now all the external swf’s are less than 8k. so it all works now.

i was just wondering, at the moment, i’m testing the published files (swf and html) on my computer (not online) as my bandwidth limit is up till january. when my bandwidth is back, where do i put all the swf’s? do i put them in the same ‘folder’ as my website (in my host)?


woah? just make sure all the neccessary swfs and html pages are on your host. To make sure it loads when trying to test via the net, that you place the correct url for linkage.


on (release){

b1.enabled = false;

b2.enabled= false;
b3.enabled= false;
menu1.enabled= true;
_root.blue._x =243.8; _root.blue._y = 1.4;
_root.blue.loadMovie(“C:/Documents and Settings/Owner/Desktop/sq2.swf”);
b1.enabled = false;